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Meet The Volunteer Team


Grant Vosburgh


Grant's role in Evolve Today Events is to handle hanging of signage, technical difficulties, clean up and set up or take down of utilities. He helps vendors as needed. Coordinates others to lead them for various event duties.

DJ Rocco

DJ Rocco is our volunteer in-house DJ for our all-music entertainment. His lively personality and music playlists are sure to be a hit at all our events! He also is our announcer for our raffles, speakers, and any special events that may be happening at each event. 

Melissa Crannell Schaufelberg
Marketing Products Specialist

Melissa handles all our marketing materials and creating them from our t-shirt sales to stickers to anything else that is able to promote the paranormal to the metaphysical events. 
Matthew Crosby

Matthew Crosby
Draftsman Manager

Matthew plays an integral role in our event location floor plans for vendor set ups. He measures and calculates the best layout design for each event.  Each map created contains precise details specifying dimensions, codes, materials and or display methods available to our vendors. 

Constantine "Dino" Orfan
Greeter/Ticket Sales

Constantino "Dino" Orfran
Patti Tylutki

Patti Tylutki
Creative Events Decorator

Patti Tylutki is our creative director for decorating our event spaces. She also assists with hanging of flyers for each event and helping out wherever we need additional assistance. 

Apply Today

Evolve Today Events is looking for  volunteers at all our fundraising events. You should be lively and like to talk to the public in an upbeat manner. For more information, please reach out to us at: 

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