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Intuitive Readings
Intuit with Shelley

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. Please notice that these types of techniques, may or may not heal you, outcomes may vary upon each individual. Although many individuals have stated that they have found comfort and enlightenment through the tarot card readings.

Tarot Cards will lead you to new discoveries and lessons. Receiving repeated tarot card readings gives you the opportunity to trace a spiritual path of personal growth through the tarot. Tarot outlines a secret path within our soul. 

Types of Readings: If you want a more general type reading from a deck then I suggest doing the five question/answer Tarot Card reading. Here I will discuss you and your present situation and what actions you can take. I will also bring up obstacles or challenges and then the outcome and the effect it will have upon you.

A Tarot Card Reading is a way to give you guidance. With any deck you can ask questions about your past, present, and future, on any subject you choose.


What to expect: It generally takes between a half hour to one hour, depending on chosen service, on the phone or via Skype or Facebook Messenger Video.


I also receive messages from the other side during the card readings and those messages are delivered also. 

Pendulum Reading: Ask any 6 questions for a direct yes or no answer.


Additional Services: Everything that I read for you can dictated and sent to you in a full-length email so that you can have a keepsake to go back over it as things seem to unfold for you. (Additional $25)

Email to set up appointment date and time for all readings to:

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Half hour Tarot Card Reading


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Hour Tarot Card Reading


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Pendulum Reading


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Transcript of Reading

$25 additional cost

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