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More Ways to Improve Your Health

By Shelley D Brienza


How can we redefine exercising so that you will reap bigger benefits? We already know exercise improves your well being in surprising way and even small steps offer big benefits.


You know how it is; you promised yourself you’d fit back into your favorite pair of jeans. Oh, wait, you did promise to do that last year and the year before.  So let’s redefine exercise and look at it at a way not only to make yourself feel better but live longer.


If you find a motivator, like focusing on internal factors like wanting to feel better or play with your children or grandchildren is a far better long-term exercise motivator than looking good. The keys are starting small, having fun and sticking to it.


There is simply no reason not to exercise, even if you do it in little spits or spurts, it’s proven again and again scientifically. If you can manage your distractions, exercise goals will be easier to stick to.


Ways to redefine exercise for yourself might include, parking a few blocks away from work and walk to work. Instead of sending out emails to colleagues, walk and talk on lunch break. Walk your dog; their health is at stake too. Find an exercise partner for motivation. Use a Sunday for your exercise day when you know you will have the free time to stick to a schedule; just like you stick to making out your grocery list. It will become habit. Get a dog. Research shows dog walkers are more likely to get daily exercise than non-walkers.


Most of all do what you like, not what you think you should do. Vary your routine, yoga one day; walking another will keep your more variety in your routine and more likely to stick with it.

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